About - John Meisner

John Meisner is a photographer based out of Invermere, British Columbia. 

John is a self taught photographer that hones his skills in a style that creates compelling landscapes, and adventure lifestyle visuals. His passion for the outdoors, conservation, and adventure sports has taken him and his camera from the peaks of the Alberta Rockies to the inner depths of the Brazilian Amazon and beyond. Whether its hot or cold, wet or dry, his work is part of an initiative to illustrate the value in overall exploration. 

Keep up to date with John Meisner through his day to day adventures via Instagram and Facebook (@johnnymeiz)

"John's passion for adventure and the outdoors along with his observant eye for landscapes were truly reflected in all images. John's photo perspective of each subject within its environment and the subjects spatial relationship with nature produced stunning images" - Dan Molenaar, MAFCO

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